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Spend the best vacation of your life and experience unique & extraordinary things in St. George and Hurricane Utah. Located in the SW part of Arizona border and principal city of St. George Metropolitan Statistical Area, St. George is less than two hours away from Las Vegas, about 4 hours from Salt Lake City by car or an hour flight to St. George Municipal Airport. You can get affordable flight to St. George and you will have no problem seeking accommodation with assistance from Vacation Resort Solutions Luxury Vacation Homes in St. George, Utah.


St. George is considered the Las Vegas of Utah, except it is less wild and more beautiful! Many people want to visit or relocate to this wonderful city for its moderate winters, Zion is basically right down the road and has over 300 days of sunshine. Include a side trip to Hurricane City as the city is part of St. George Metropolitan Area. There are many good reasons why you should visit St. George for at least a weekend!


Things to do in St. George and Hurricane City in Utah


  1. Take a nature trip


Zion National Park


Zion Natural Park is a grand sight with sheer red and colorful sandstone cliffs that are resplendent in shades of red, pink and orange occupying about 230 square miles in size. It has thrilling hiking trails and visitors can go hiking, back- packing, horse riding, going kayak, climbing, and go canyoneering within the park.


Snow Canyon State Park


The red Navajo sandstone cliffs of Snow Canyon are eight miles north away from town presenting black lava rock as a spectacular contrast in nature. Created thousands years ago by the now extinct volcanoes, the trail follows ancient lava that was flowing through the popular lava tubes.


Parashant National Monument


Parashant National Monument is home to several archeological, biological and historical treasures at the same time, this is a prominent place to spot geological forces, with its deep canyons and mountains attention to its greatness. It features grand vistas and scenery forming a variety of wildlife within the monument.


Red Hills Desert Garden


This 5 acres awesome garden has over 5,000 unique species of desert plants that are growing and thriving. Well-marked trails lead visitors around the well-organized and lovely landscaped garden; added feature for the guests is an exhibit about species of fish found in the Virgin River.


Quail Creek State Park


Quail Creek State Park is a state park of Utah located 9 miles west of Hurricane City and 1.5 miles distance south of Harrisburg that features a 600-acre reservoir. The Park has some of the warmest waters in the state and a mild winter climate while it offers fun filled activities as camping, boating, swimming, and fishing.


Grand Canyon National Park


One of the most well-known National Parks in America is Grand Canyon that provides an amazing and breathtaking view of its mile-deep canyon. Much more than just for sightseeing, the canyon itself offers plenty of activities.


  1. Visit great museums


Discover the Dinosaur


At the Johnson Farm is an attraction and considered “must-see” for lovers from all ages. This family-oriented museum was built over the site where dinosaurs used to inhabit. You can see huge number of dinosaur tracks, dragging tails, skin prints and swim tracks that were discovered back in 2000. These are rare tracks of the Jurassic-era tracks that served as gold mine for paleontologists and dino-lovers.


Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum

With over 300 animals on display, you will follow the tracks of wildlife habitat. It traverses the Savannahs of Africa, the forests and jungles of South America, under the mountains and through Asia and North America’s night-life scenario of Asia and into North America as this all-natural habitat of about 33,000 square feet has  unparalleled  scope.

Human History Museum:


Have the opportunity to explore how the plants, animals, geology, and water resources of this area passed to human cultures to settle here. Over a hundred artifacts highlighted collections of Ancestral Pueblo culture; Mormon Pioneer and Southern Paiute collections, as well as, early history of Zion National Park history are exhibited permanently.


Silver Reef Gallery and Museum


Featured in Silver Reef Museum are reef artifacts; this is the only remaining location on earth were sandstone outcrops with silver are discovered. Silver Reef was considered as the area’s most popular ghost towns in the area. The economy in 1870 was booming and from 1877 to 1903, the camp was producing $ 9 million worth in silver.


St. George Art Museum


The mission of the St. George Art Museum is educating all visitors by presenting a through quality exhibitions covering all periods, to include cultures, and media, as well as collecting, conserving, holding inventory & exhibit and at the same time, interpreting art and artifacts from Utah and the West. It is a good place to sample the flavor of local art and western art collection.


Hurricane Valley Pioneer Museum


This old fashion museum tells everything about the history of Hurricane Valley. They also exhibit a 111- year old wedding cake and 73-year-old piece of bacon. This museum has one room dedicated to Indian artifacts and displays a pot and a pair of moccasins that date back over one thousand years.


  1. Sites to see


Ghost Towns


Several ghost towns are nearby the city: *Grafton is very picturesque and served as backdrop of the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; *Silver Reef has a museum in the midst of an eclectic modern neighborhood and *Old Irontown exhibits beehive shaped kilns and a number of ruins with interpretive signage.

Brigham and Jacob’s Homes


The Brigham Young Winter Home and the Jacob Hamblin Home are both pioneer era homes are great ways to learn about the history of St. George and its early residents. Brigham Young brought Mormon settlers to Utah and lived in this house in St. George that is a sturdy two-story structure made of brisk having wraparound porch and balcony surrounded by white-painted picket fence and located in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. Jacob Hamblin was a missionary, a diploma as well as leader of Mormons.


St George Temple


The first temple built by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) in Utah was the St. George Temple. They welcome visitors and are allowed to walk around the grounds and tour the visitor center. A third temple was build and it was completed following the death of the church’s founder, Joseph Smith.


Hurricane Valley Theatrical Company


The production caliber of the shows mounted at this theater is of very high quality and the talent assembled is stunningly good. They staged multiple productions a year, but this theater is vastly under-appreciated. Ticket prices are cheap so you should see and applaud this good show.


  1. Do enjoyable things


Pick up souvenirs from Annie’s Vintage Garden


Stop in and search good buys in this awesome boutique! Annie’s Vintage Garden, sells unique crystal jewelry, lovely Angel clothing as well as authentic Indian Boutique clothes. There are so many lovely things for everyone that your friends back home will appreciate.


Shop till you drop


The Shoppes at Zion in St. George, Utah is the place where you can find famous named brands. With over 30 premium shops, Shoppes at Zion is your elite shopping place that offers metropolitan shopping in the unique beauty of the southwest desert.


Best places to sample St. George’s gourmet


Sample the best food in St, George and Hurricane City around sunset-colored landscape surrounding their suburban center. The extraordinary setting of this desert oasis was convenient for them to grab a quick lunch before heading out for a hike or gobble up a good steak after a day of golf. St. George offers a variety of sit down restaurants and bevy of coffee shops serving real American cuisine to satisfy every type of palate. Diners are served smorgasbord meals including international fave like Thai famous noodles and sushi delicious rolls as well as modern Tex-Mex fusion cuisine.


Get the best accommodation in St. George and Hurricane City


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