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Zion national park, Vacation Resort Solutions Vacation Homes

Our properties are located only 32 miles from Zion National Park. The Narrows Particularly pleasant in the heat of summer; this hike uses the Virgin River as its trail as you make your way up a canyon. So you can plan on getting wet for this one. The length of this hike is stated as varying because you can hike it three different ways. Bottom-up, top-down single day, or top-down overnight are the options. Bottom-up is the casual approach where you can enter from the bottom of the canyon and just go up as far as you are comfortable with and then turn back the way you came.  Top-down single day is a long push of the whole 16 miles in one day. Top-down overnight is perfect for those who want to break up the hike a little and take more time. Either top-down option will require a permit that can be found here.Location: Zion National Park     Length: Varies up to 16 miles     Difficulty: Strenuous

Angels Landing

It may be an over played track but there’s a good reason. It’s not often that you get to walk the razor’s edge on a hike and still feel safe. If the view is a big part of the appeal of hiking for you then don’t miss Angel’s landing. Just keep in mind how popular it is and plan accordingly. Try to hit this trail early in the morning before the daily rush. Location: Zion National Park     Length: 5 miles     Difficulty: Strenuous

The Subway

If variety is the spice of life then this is one spicy trail. Making your way up the Subway trail means scrambling over boulders, wading and even swimming, some light repelling and using the river as a trail for most of the way. It is recommended not to attempt this hike without someone who is experienced in canyoneering. It is also important to note that a permit must be obtained in advance of doing this hike. Location: Zion National Park     Length: 9.5 miles     Difficulty: Technical

Observation Point

Some of the best things in life don’t come easy; this is one of them. To master the Observation Point hike, you will have to gain nearly 2,000 feet in elevation over the four miles up to the top. It’s a climb, but the view justifies the effort. The hike begins at the trail head for Weeping Rock. Location: Zion National Park     Length: 8 miles     Difficulty: Strenuous

Hidden Canyon

It’s a short, challenging hike but it offers some unique views of the area from the other big name hikes. This trail is not kid friendly and as the picture indicates you will passe some sheer cliffs and use chains for support. Location: Zion National Park     Length: 2.2 miles     Difficulty: Strenuous